Project: Jodamo NYC


The Challenge

A venerable family-owned standalone of high-end men’s fashion finds itself in a radically changing neighborhood facing profoundly changing consumer demographics. They need to re-invent and re-launch their brand while still retaining the fundamentals of their proud retail legacy…and they want to accomplish it all with just a new website. 

For over 30 years, Jodamo International has stood at the historic corner of Grand and Orchard Streets on the Lower East Side offering men’s high-end fashions at near-wholesale prices. But as the neighborhood once known as ‘The Jewish Bargain District’ became hipster gentrified, the last of the area’s great men’s luxury clothier now needed to remind their traditional clientele of families, celebrities, politicians and dignitaries – as well a new breed of fashionable New Yorkers – of their multi-generational commitment to value, style and loyalty.

To understand the full extent of this branding challenge, we needed to experience the complete situation from the outside in. Our Product Manager and Branding Consultant/Copywriter met at a trendy new coffeehouse near the store. We walked around the neighborhood, getting a clear sense of the evolving retail environment and its habitués.  Then we visited the store. We talked with the long-time salespeople as well as the owners. We learned about fabric and fit. We even tried on a few Brioni suit jackets ourselves to understand what top-quality truly felt like. Then we went to work.

The key was attitude: Our Branding Consultant conceptualized a sleek new site that would effectively re-position Jodamo as the last of a breed yet still the leader. Content copy had a warm yet confident vibe that showcased the store’s proud history, top brands and traditional approach, while featuring glossy photography, influential brand logos, and inspiring quotes from style icons like Hardy Amies, Gay Talese and Cary Grant.

Our Designers then began crafting a UX destination that was chic and sophisticated yet always welcoming.  Using a custom designs, they created a vertical scrolling experience that was elegant and simple to use across all platforms. But our favorite part is the home page, which is built upon live-action video of the store exterior itself. It’s a uniquely original approach that instantly communicates pride, tradition and the timelessness of genuine class.

Like the neighborhood, Jodamo is now enjoying a re-birth, too. Families of long-time customers are returning, and a new generation of style-conscious New Yorkers is discovering the store’s distinctive European styles and old-school service. Today, Jodamo International carries on its proud tradition for the 21st Century and business has never been better. We still have our eye on a beautiful Brioni suit, too.

That’s because excellence, like tradition, will always be in fashion.

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