Project: First Choice Merchants

Our Challenge

To build the online home of this highly successful merchant-service firm while emphasizing its competency, experience, and human touch

One reason First Choice has become such a respected provider of merchant services is because it provides the widest variety of services to its customers . . . each one as if it were a sole specialty.

When the folks at First Choice told us that they wanted a site showcasing all they had to offer — in a simple, easy-to-follow manner — we knew the solution would be in organization. We at WEBexpo
brainstormed, generated ideas, and integrated First Choice’s perceptions with ours. We then created a detailed sitemap — a blueprint of how all the information would fit together in a user-friendly Website. The site should be neither clunky nor overly complex.

The end result speaks for itself: a site that satisfies both the company and its clients.

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